Your suit should look and feel intelligent

Your suit should look and feel intelligent2018-03-04T19:27:10+00:00

Project Description

A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then look as if he had forgotten all about them – Hardy Amies

Always make your own menswear look and feel natural in high quality fashion.
It is good to establish one thing. A commonly accepted fact is that menswear fashion isn’t only about intelligence. It’s all about the ability to think logically about design, quality and luxury. But it is also about emotional fashion and design intelligence. Manuela Lusso specialise in bespoke suits and tailoring suggests having an inner dialogue asking some
key questions. For example, how do I feel, what is my personality actually like? What sort of luxury fabric should I go for? Is tweed, silk, luxury mohair, cashmere, flannel, cotton or silk right for me as a person? Do consider yourself part of the process as this is absolute key. Above anything else, set yourself free and find your true tailored suit identity. It is also about creativity, the more fashion creative you can allow yourself to be, the better and more natural the process will become. Letting the creative juices dominate will give some amazing results, you will always look great and instantly understand what suit or shirt goes well with your brown luxury high-quality leather shoes and what made to measure suit looks beautiful with your luxury cotton shirt and tie. Choosing the right luxury fabric will also help and support your fashion intelligence, does wool, silk, cashmere, mohair, tweed, flannel, silk work best? There is a lot to be said for it, and it is the only thing in life that is going to get you anywhere, or more precisely, get you where you want to be. That is real fashion tailored intelligence.