Your style reflects your true persona

Your style reflects your true persona2018-03-04T17:09:19+00:00

Project Description

Style is about knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn – Orson Welles

Every person on our globe has an individual voice and own language. A luxury fashion photoshoot with a male model in tailored luxury suit speaks a universal language and will appeal and interest English as well as Italian fashionistas. We were all born with a voice and a language and we own it.
Not everyone gets a real chance to use it, or express something that really matters and reflects who they are as people. But feel free to take on a role as your own London fashion blogger and voice your opinion on design, feelings or impressions on made to measure, the latest brand-new collection and Milan’s latest male model is all part of being in menswear fashion and is part of what makes you a fashion style expert. It makes a real difference and plays a huge part to you as an individual. Bottling all your fashion ideas up inside is not healthy and it does little to help you. Not expressing
yourself is also visible to those around you and can make one feel uneasy.
Manuela Lusso like the idea of creating life, energy and positive menswear fashion vibes. It is liberating and makes other people feel good too. Feeling completely at ease, is not just healthy but the more you communicate with the outside world, the more you will get to know yourself, it is a two-way process. When you feel completely at ease you can show others who you are by dressing in your very best fitted tailored bespoke suits and they will see your true colours. Your most beautiful suit expresses your amazing range of qualities and unique talents. So remember to always make the most of your