Fashion and tailoring

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Project Description

Have you ever wondered about the connection between a great quality bespoke suit or shirt, jacket and what we become? The answer is that luxury menswear and fashion combined with our sense of self are totally linked.
Tailoring and a made to measure tuxedo of great design of a luxury highquality bespoke suit, correctly fitted made of the best fabric and more importantly, it is something we have chosen because it is what we love, feels just right and is by no means superficial. Regular use of tailoring for menswear is essential for being who you really are.
It is important to be honest and clear about something here; business, leisure, parties and life just matters too much to be left to random decision-making or giving the impression made to measure or tailoring on Savile Row are and should not be seen as a priority because nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to high-end menswear fashion and being a leading fashionista such as London.
Manuela Lusso has expertise in making high-end tailored suits of superior quality using the very best fabrics including wool, silk, tweed, flannel, linen, cotton, cashmere and mohair.
The most powerful London fashion bloggers would agree, only with Manuela Lusso will you get an intense and authentic sense of luxury, tailoring, impeccable quality, design and style.
Critically sourced to perfection, and selected purely on the basis of how good they are, the made to measure design adds an extra dimension, it is beautiful, classical and contemporary. It does not matter whether you require a tailored bespoke suit made from cashmere, mohair, flannel, linen, silk, tweed or cotton, you can be rest assured you will receive excellent service, quality and design. This is Manuela Lusso in London who specialises in menswear fashion, but probably not as you know it, it is made to measure and the suits are of impeccable fit, designed to work around your taste in fashion, preferences and requirements. It is more than just another tailored suit, it is a full experience, which then becomes a way of life, not just a luxury habit. Identity and self-expression will never come with more ease, men’s fashion will become fun and enjoyable.