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Project Description

To adapt a phrase from Le Corbusier, the suit is a machine for living in, close-fitting but comfortable amour, constantly reinvented to be, literally well-suited for modern life – Cally Blackman

London based bespoke suit tailoring specialist Manuela Lusso believes it is all about you as an individual and that is where quality suits, made to measure, tailoring, design and menswear all come in. This is not just a photoshoot showcasing luxury, design or mens fashion or the latest male model. The fashion menswear model in this picture is as real as you and I.
We are all fashion models, as well as human beings who work hard and play even harder. For a fitted suit, the best quality fabric is either wool, silk, mohair, flannel, cashmere and tweed. Manuela Lusso’s made to measure tailoring service provides the perfect all year round attire, all in central London or on a mutual agreed location. When we take the stairs and at other times, the convenience of the lift, we can juggle a cappuccino while making small talk with colleagues about the latest menswear fashion and bespoke suits collection. In essence, it is close to impossible to count the number of times we have to adapt and be flexible throughout the day. As dramatic as it may sound, there is a famous old saying deriving from Latin which goes; in movement life, in stillness death, and a similar principle can be applied to made to measure, bespoke suits, menswear, fashion, quality, luxury and tailoring. Manuela Lusso passionately believe the way we engage with it says everything about who we are. Tailoring and made to measure both go so well with the idea of being flexible, it is not about forgetting who we are as people, it is about being able to get on and work well with others, to be part of the bigger picture and not just function in isolation. To be flexible and have the ability to adapt to our surroundings, however attractive or annoying they can be and consider the context is about being willing to move forward in life and wanting to live. To continue to be determined, to define new ambitions, being focused and super-driven is a good thing. So do keep looking ahead, thinking positive thoughts, wear made to measure, tailored suits of a bespoke quality and design can only
bring happiness and success.