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lore piana


Loro Piana are among the very finest producers in the world of high end luxury wool and cashmere fabrics.

The Loro Piana family started as merchants of wool fabrics at the beginning of the 19th century. Operating from the village of Quarona at the foot of the Italian Alps, the Loro Piana family have been true pioneers of luxury fabrics for over six generations.

Famed for its meticulous grading of wools, Loro Piana only sells its fabric to high-end manufacturers, tailors and couturiers such as Manuela Lusso, London.

Our full range (Super 130-200) of luxury fabrics from Loro Piana can be expertly tailored to give our discerning customers a unique bespoke suit that makes an unmistakeable statement of sheer class. Whether it’s a suit used for business or special occasions, Loro Piana fabrics never fail to set your appearance apart from your peers.

Our experienced and meticulous bespoke consultants will be pleased to discuss our collection of Loro Piana luxury fabrics and help you choose one that specifically suits your taste and desire.


We offer tailored mens suits from an exquisite selection of over 1000 luxurious fabrics made by Holland and Sherry ranging from super 100’s – 200’s with cashmere to pure worsted Vicuña.

Holland and Sherry is one of the most respected and revered manufacturers of ultra high quality garments in the world. It is the most prestigious garment manufacturer founded in the UK and has been in operations for over 180 years in London. The secret to it’s longevity is its never ending quest via research and acquisitions to find the finest fibres in order to create luxury fabrics of the highest quality.

As one of the original cloth and garment merchants operating in the Golden Square in Westminster, London during the 1800’s. Only Holland & Sherry is still in business. This is testimony to the exceptional quality of its fabrics.

A bespoke tailored garment in luxury Holland & Sherry cloth is truly a worthwhile investment with long lasting returns of comfort and class. Our Director would be very pleased to discuss all the fabric options available to make a bespoke suit according to your style and desire.


Dugdale Bros & Co. are cloth merchants based in Yorkshire, England and offers an impressive collection of very high quality cloth to the finest tailors worldwide.

We are proud to offer our customers options of fabrics from their impressive collection. Our clients might be excited to learn that with the advances in technology, Dugdale has embraced the new processes that enable fabric to shed creases easily, retain shape over longer periods and be extremely comfortable to wear.

Harnessing centuries of experience producing worsted wool in the renowned Yorkshire Garment industry, together with new and contemporary flexibility in design, Dugdale has won high praise for the exceptional quality of its fabrics. Our bespoke consultants would be delighted to discuss any details about these fabrics to determine which is suitable for your suit.