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Manuela Lusso London is a Luxury bespoke retailer specialising in elite menswear. We provide made-to-measure mens suits, shirts, hand-made ties and English-made cufflinks to business and finance professionals, pro-athletes, UK politicians and other clients who have a desire for a personalised connection for their apparel.

Only the very finest quality of materials from Italy and the UK are used. These are expertly tailored by our gifted and highly experienced craftsmen to provide ultimate satisfaction. Additionally our clientele can expect meticulous customer service.

Clients can expect meticulous attention to details from our consummate professionals, and customer service at its finest. The company is well steeped in the traditions of bespoke mens attire, with truly gifted tailors who have dedicated their entire lives and professional careers to making exceptional made to measure suits, to the satisfaction of our clients.

We provide first class bespoke consultations with a tasteful selection of luxurious mens suit samples and materials to assist clients in achieving that personalised look and fit.

Our Mission

To provide the finest quality bespoke mens attire with unrivalled service and satisfaction to our clients.

In staying true to our Mission, we go the extra mile to:

  • Offer tailored products made from fabrics of the very finest quality.
  • Provide excellent customer service and support for the best satisfaction of our clients.
  • Guarantee the quality of our tailored products.

Bespoke Tailoring

The idea of a man’s suit, which consists of a jacket and matching trousers made of the same garment, is largely credited to the British. This tradition is rooted in 400 years of history, traced back to the 1600s but has experienced several evolutionary changes throughout the last four centuries. The most significant evolution occurred in the early 19th century where the elements of the modern suit was popularised, which created huge demand among European men.

This demand ushered in a new era of grooming and style where men increasingly sought attire which were well tailored, personalised and unique. Today, British and European Men in London are showing increasing demands for a more personal connection with their clothing and are consulting experts in bespoke tailoring to achieve satisfaction.

Bespoke Tailoring gathers the concept of traditional, impeccable craftsmanship and pride. There is something special about the process of being measured, choosing the details such as the right shoulder line, the lapel, the silhouette, going for fittings and culminating in an impeccable finish. The Client benefits from a level of attention to detail and quality from skilled workers, that is simply not possible in a ready-to-wear garment.

Made to Measure tailoring is a process which allows our experts to take accurate measurements of the client to tailor a suit in an agreed style, with a truly exceptional fit. Tailors who are gifted and passionate about their craft, make suits that fit perfectly, often without the need for alterations.

Style is about something that comes from within you.
We help you to make it visible.

Our Director

Our Founder and Managing Director, Ms. Manuela Machthuemer, is no stranger to Men’s fashion. Interestingly, her career started as an ardent painter. From an early age, she observed and assisted her Mother in creating an array of “one of a kind“ art and sculptured designs for a highly discerning clientele in Austria.

However, as she grew older, she began to move away from the interest of sculpting and painting still life objects and portraits, to the world of fashion design. As she continued to refine her craft, it was evident that her passion was mens suits, shirts and ties.

Just a few years after graduating high school, her talents caught the eye of a very influential Made to Measure retailer in Vienna, where she was offered the role of assistant manager of the Flagship Men’s store. As she quickly learnt the intricacies of the bespoke industry, she was promoted to more senior roles. As the company expanded, she worked closely with the General Manager to secure prime locations in most of the big markets. During this time, the company saw sales escalate to unprecedented levels in that era.

In 2007, she was then asked to spearhead further expansion into London, where she managed the Flagship store at the famous Saville Row location. At it’s peak, the Flagship store provided bespoke suits to London’s elite men. Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians, Sports Stars, Finance and Business executives, Husbands on their
wedding day, all of whom became satisfied clients.

As time progressed, she became interested in acquiring broader knowledge and embracing new challenges in the bespoke industry. This quest lead to four different assignments at the London flagship store for some of the most luxurious brands in the world. With this experience, the ultimate desire was to start a company which offered the best in class Men’s bespoke suits. With over 17 years in the bespoke industry, Manuela Lusso London was founded.

Today, Manuela Lusso London is the epitome of bespoke excellence. Being a perfectionist, she has put together a team comprising some of the most gifted bespoke tailors in the world. Together with their superlative talent, she has assembled the finest selection of fabrics that have ever been created. Attention to detail is her forte and client satisfaction is always foremost in her mind.

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Manuela Lusso Ltd, is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of The United Kingdom.

The company was founded by its Director, Manuela Machthuemer, an expert in Men’s bespoke and Made to Measure attire, with over 17 years experience in the industry. Having worked at many of the top fashion houses in the world, she has nurtured her significant talents to provide a unique and superlative bespoke service to discerning clients.

Company registration

The company is registered at International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, City of London, London EC1A 2BN. No bespoke consultation is done at this location.

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